The Child & Family Practice of Washington, DC is committed to ensuring that all children receive appropriate psychological and educational support, no matter where their location on the globe. 

Dr. Tripodi has always been committed to promoting global awareness of children's mental health and educational issues. After completing her doctorate, Dr. Tripodi moved to London and began working for the not-for-profit organization The Place2Be as a School Program Manager, implementing a mental health program in an elementary school in South London. At The Place2Be, Dr. Tripodi had the opportunity to work with many international families and conducted child, family, and community outreach.  

Following her time at The Place2Be, Dr. Tripodi began working at The London Children's Practice.  Here, Dr. Tripodi conducted special education needs ("SEN") assessments that guided educational and psychological programming for children based in the United Kingdom and abroad. She liaised with international schools throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East in order to ensure that interventions were being consistently and accurately implemented.  These opportunities provided Dr. Tripodi with unique exposure to the curriculum and support services at various international schools. 

When she returned to the United States, Dr. Tripodi continued to assist students and families with international backgrounds by conducting assessments for children and working with international schools to implement programs of support.  


Evaluators at The Child & Family Practice of Washington, DC conduct neuropsychological, psycho-educational, and admissions testing for international students. The most frequently requested assessments are those for U.S. families moving abroad whose children will be attending international schools.

For such students the recommendations section of the report is designed to specifically outline the types of interventions the student requires. These may or may not be offered by the school as access to specific interventions may be impacted by both the region and available resources.

Oftentimes, international schools are able to accommodate the requirements indicated by the testing findings.

When this is not the case, the evaluator will draft a plan that includes specific curricular goals and programs that schools can implement into their existing curriculum or use to create an individualized program of study. When applicable, international versions of various cognitive and academic assessments may be used during testing.