There are many individuals who struggle with organization.  

Oftentimes, individuals diagnosed with ADHD, executive functioning problems, or learning concerns require support with understanding how to better organize their world.  For these individuals, issues may arise with keeping track of assignments, managing time, organizing their school or work environment, managing transitions, and implementing effective self-monitoring strategies. Executive Functioning Coaching supports a person’s ability to become more organized and enhances his or her sense of self-efficacy. 


Executive Functioning Coaching can help with:

  • Time management 
  • Managing short and long-term assignments and projects 
  • Organization of materials 
  • Homework, study schedules, and routines

Coaching begins with an intake session in which the evaluator interviews the student and asks him or her to fill out a rating scale that measures specific aspects of executive functioning.  Subsequent sessions will focus on addressing the identified areas of concern.  Through coaching, individuals learn practical skills that they can implement in their daily lives to increase overall productivity and efficiency.  

All of our executive functioning coaches are licensed school psychologists or teachers who have undergone training in the field and who bring a wealth of practical experience to their work.